• Install multipass
    The tool is available for Mac, Windows and Linux at multipass site

  • Multipass default dir in order to change multipass data dir run the following from powershell admin

    Stop-Service Multipass
    Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment" -Name MULTIPASS_STORAGE -Value "d:\multipass"
    Start-Service Multipass

See this link for more information

  • Create cloud-config.yaml file:
    this file will be executed during the first boot of the instance
    ``` #cloud-config runcmd:
  • sudo snap install microk8s –classic
  • sudo microk8s enable helm3
  • sudo microk8s helm3 repo add stable
  • sudo microk8s enable dns
  • sudo microk8s helm3 install my-jenkins –set persistence.enabled=false,master.serviceType=NodePort,master.adminPassword=”admin”,master.nodePort=31000 stable/jenkins ```

  • Spin up the vm
    open cmd window and run the following command
    multipass.exe launch 20.04 -n ubuntu2004 --cloud-init cloud-config.yaml -v

Accessing the VM

  • Get the IP of the VM , in order to get the IP of Jenkins UI
    multipass.exe info ubuntu2004
  • Login to the instance
    multipass.exe shell ubuntu2004
  • Check the pod
    sudo microk8s kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
  • Login to the Jenkins UI
    • open chrome and type [ip address from multipass.exe info output]:31000
    • use admin/admin as credantials


      Run the following command

      tail -f /var/log/cloud-init-output.log