Local kind cluster

In this blog I will demonstdrate how to leverage docker desktop to deploy kubernetes cluster using kind The example tested on Windows using WSL - should be similar on other platforms


  • install docker desktop with default values
  • post installation
  • change memory to 4GB - default is 2GB ( resources -> advanced -> memory )
  • do not enable kubernetes feature in docker desktop

  • install kubectl

Install kind

open WSL and run the following commands :

curl -LO "https://kind.sigs.k8s.io/dl/latest/linux-amd64.tgz"
tar zxvf ./linux-amd64.tgz

create basic kind.yaml file

kind: Cluster
apiVersion: kind.x-k8s.io/v1alpha4
# 1 control plane node and 3 workers
# the control plane node config
- role: control-plane
# the three workers
- role: worker
- role: worker
- role: worker

Start the cluster

export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://localhost:2375
kind create cluster --config kind.yaml --name my-kind --image=kindest/node:v1.18.2 

Wait â€Ļ

Creating cluster "my-kind" ...
 ✓ Ensuring node image (kindest/node:v1.18.2) đŸ–ŧ
 ✓ Preparing nodes đŸ“Ļ đŸ“Ļ đŸ“Ļ đŸ“Ļ
 ✓ Writing configuration 📜
 ✓ Starting control-plane 🕹ī¸
 ✓ Installing CNI 🔌
 ✓ Installing StorageClass 💾
 ✓ Joining worker nodes 🚜
Set kubectl context to "kind-my-kind"
You can now use your cluster with:

kubectl cluster-info --context kind-my-kind

Run demo app

kubectl run nginx --generator=run-pod/v1 --image=nginx:latest --replicas=2  --image-pull-policy=Always

wait for nginx pod

kubectl  get pods -o wide -w