ID Item Why its needed Link Remarks
1 Dashboard view K8s dashboard  
2 AppMesh Integration with AWS AppMesh  
3 Storage integration (CSI) Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver provides a CSI interface used by Container Orchestrators to manage the life cycle of Amazon EBS volumes. required for dynamic storage allocation
4 Node drainer Graceful shutdown of EC2 instances  
5 Worker nodes logs (fluentbit ,flunetd) Collect all worker nodes logs to elastic / other log aggregator  
6 Service operator Create cloud resources using kubernetes API . like in GCP cloud connector  
7 Monitoring EKS quick start comes with Prometheus. you probably dont want to use it .  
8 ALB integration The AWS ALB Ingress Controller satisfies Kubernetes ingress resources by provisioning Application Load Balancers  
9 External DNS Route53 integration  
10 Cluster auto scalar adjusts the number of nodes in your cluster when pods fail to launch due to lack of resources or when nodes in the cluster are underutilized and their pods can be rescheduled onto other nodes in the cluster.  
11 Horizontal pod autoscalar automatically scales the number of pods in a deployment, replication controller, or replica set based on that resource’s CPU utilization.  
12 Networking integration (CNI) Networking plugin for pod networking in Kubernetes using Elastic Network Interfaces on AWS. required for ip mode see this link
13 CNI metrics helper scrape elastic network interface and IP address information, aggregate metrics at the cluster level  
14 Spot handler handle Spot interruptions.  
15 RBAC simplify authorization in Kubernetes  
16 metrics-server Metric server for HPA  

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