EKS - IP definitions

The definition of IP ranges for EKS clusters can be confusing : pods , nodes and services.
Where are they getting their IPs from ?

EKS pods and nodes IP

Option 1 - VPC CIDR

Use the default VPC CIDR

Option 2 - secondary CIDR

It is possible to define additional different CIDR por the nodes and pods.

The CIDR should be using RFC1918 range :   

See the instructions here

Additional ip ranges are also supported
The CIDR range are below: is part of shared IP addresses

EKS services IP

Option 1

The range is set by AWS during EKS deploymnet , depanding on subnet range . This is actually subset of RFC1918 CIDR range:

Option 2

It is possible to define custom service cluster ip .


  • Cloudformation
  • Terraform
    In this case the RFC1918 CIDR range should be used :   

For more information on this feature is here